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Clear Alternatives is recognized in the motorcycle industry as a leader in the development of innovative and high quality lighting products.  Clear Alternatives strive to be reputable for their craftsmanship and committment to providing customers with prompt and professional service.  Clear Alternatives are continually developing new styles of taillights and other alternate products to enhance today’s motorcycles.




Clear taillights and turn signal lenses are made with high quality injected plastic and assembled using state of the art machinery.  The products are a direct replacement fit to the original stock unit requiring no further modifications.   currently both lenses and complete sealed units are on offer.  Complete units consist of the lens and the housing assembly sealed as one.  Most of the taillight assemblies are DOT approved using our newly designed PATENT PENDING red inserts.  In addition to the inserts Clear Alternatives both metalize (Chrome) the inside housing units and in most cases re-shape the lens pattern to enhance the lighting output.  Each of the taillights are individually packaged for professional resale.  Clear Alternatives now offer lenses with two 2” round LED clusters.  These LED units are extremely bright and have a life span of over 100,000 hours.  These are the new wave in tail light design.

** The newest products are the LASER BOLTZâ.  This is an 8mm threaded bolt with a large LED mounted atop.  They are used for license plate bolts, third brake light, second turn signals, or just lighted body bolts.












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